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Congratulations! Our winners from year 1 are off to an amazing start! This month investigated pesticides and explored grocery store isles to find organic products and low pesticide foods.
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50L to shower!? (Interactive Learning Ctr)
Gönderen Camp Interactive Learning Centre, Bermuda şu tarihte 6 Temmuz 2015
Gönderinin içeriği: A day in the life, Dünyamızın Suyu

I started the day with 200 L.

At 8am, I used 3.5L to brush my teeth,  17.5L to shower,  7.5L to drink, and 7L to flush the toilet. 

At 11am, I drank another 7.5 L and used 7L for the toilet.

At 1pm, I drank 7L and used 7L for the toilet.

At this point, I had 136L left. (That's still way more than what people in other countries started with.

At 5pm, I drank 8L and used 7L for the toilet.

At 8pm, I brushed my teeth using 4L, showered using 18L, drank 7L and usd 7L for the toilet.

I'm not sure I really needed to shower twice in one day but it was really hot. I definitely drank a lot but that's to stay healthy and hydrated.

Honestly, in my real life, I never actually measured  how much water I use so I had to google how many litres are generally used in the shower and it said 50 so I had to cut that down a bit. I'm going to see what I actually use at home.



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