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How many litres
Gönderen Emangwaneni primary school, South Africa şu tarihte 26 Kasım 2018
Gönderinin içeriği: Water Walkway,

Today we had a special visit from the Water Explorer team. We had prepared for her arrival with an eye-catching display with the Water Explorer banner pitched about number of recycling craft projects we have been involved in. It was amazing to learn that only 3% of the worlds water is fresh water with a large component of that fresh water unavailable for us to drink. We then broke the eco-club into teams and ran a competition where children were given a number of question exp: How much water do we use in a 10 minute shower? The teams need to run to the corresponding value ( number of litres) of the amount of water they believe a certain activity uses. It was a fun game and we now have a more realistic idea of how much water we consume for different activities during the day ( flushing the toilet,showering,dripping taps and so on) We then wrote our own pledges to promise to save water at our homes and our school.



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