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Crunching the numbers
Gönderen MPHEHPHETHA PS, South Africa şu tarihte 26 Kasım 2018
Gönderinin içeriği: Water Butt Challenge,

Today Jojo tank challenge was all about calculating the rain water that we could potentially harvest off our roofs. A certainly challenging challenge. Our Grade 6 learners found the Maths tough measuring the school building roof surface area and then multiplying the length x width by the height of the rain that falls on the roof throughout the year in meters. We needed to go over the basics 1 meter=100cm=1000mm to make sure we work with the same values in meters. Once we had done the calculations we discovered that potentially we could harvest a staggering 667 000 litres of water off 2 building in 1 year of an average rainfall of 800mm per year. Now that is impressive!!

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