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Wonderful Veggies
Gönderen The Kings School, South Africa şu tarihte 4 Aralık 2018
Gönderinin içeriği: Grow it yourself!,

Our learners all took part in planting vegetable gardens in the school backyard this year. The school bought us seedlings. We planted spinach, onions and sweet potatoes. We teach our learners how to use water wisely to take care of the gardens. Our students have learnt that you can supplement your diet and keep healthy by growing your own gardens. The learners were divided into three groups where each group is joined with a teacher and they take care of one of the three gardens. Even the grade RR students have their own veggie patch. Every Friday the learners tend to the gardens by watering them and pulling out weeds. These activities are always fun and rewarding for the students and the teachers.

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