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Ebomvini gives 100% to 50/50
Gönderen Ebomvini Primary , South Africa şu tarihte 11 Aralık 2018

Today 50|50, an environmental television program came to our school to film and document Ebomvini’s incredible journey with the Water Explore program this year. The television programs main aim is to highlight the balance between humans and nature, and aid in making wildlife, conservation and the environment top of mind for many a south African. Its focus was all about recognizing Ebomvini achievements as our National winner and trying to better understand what makes this school stand head and shoulders above the rest. 7 hours of filming for 6 snappy minutes of film Ebomvini had a lot of projects to showcase from their wonderful ecobrick benches, permacultural gardens and artistically recreated ecosystem ponds there was so much to share. At first the children were very stiff and nervous but once they got into the swing of things tensions evaporated and there was a lot of big smiles from supporting teachers and eco-club learners enthusiastic to inspire other schoosl to choose an environmental and sustainable way of living. The children were given cell phone cameras and asked to take not ‘selfies’ but velfies- ( The video option of selfies) This is a new approach to filming making the film more accessible to the youth and thus more influential. The 50/50 crew walked away inspired and full of hope for future SA schools.



Program Yürütücüsü African Conservation Trust


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