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Saving Water Saves Lives
Gönderen Alexandria Lower Primary, South Africa şu tarihte 14 Aralık 2018
Gönderinin içeriği: Water Walkway,

Our whole grade 3 class was introduced to the Water Explorers programme. The young learners were taught about how much water we have in the world and how many people are in the world to share that water. The students learned about different ways they can save water every day at home and at school. Our learners were shown the Water Explorers website and they got to learn about the different countries that take part in Water Explorers. The learners were asked to make nice posters that show how we can save water. The learners did these posters in groups of 4 and they put their names on them and put up their posters on the classroom walls. The grade 3s had a lot of fun drawing the posters and they learned about water in our world and how to save it.



Program Yürütücüsü African Conservation Trust


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