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Mitigating Climate Change
Gönderen Panorama Primary, South Africa şu tarihte 24 Ocak 2020
Gönderinin içeriği: Grow it yourself!

This January Panoram Water Explorers had an informative workshop on how to protect the environment and sustaining for future generations. we learnt more about greenhouse gasses which are carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor & nitrous oxide. We need to protect, restore and fund ecosystems e.g. wetland. we learnt abaout spekboom which store more carbon dioxide and it is edible. The were educational activities, learners were so excited and they gained a lot of information, Thanks to the WE South Africa Team who are dedicated and hard working, we are so proud of you.

(Teacher Sbo Manqele, Impression of one of the teachers on the lesson we had )

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