Güney Afrika
A year round feast!!
Gönderen Obed Mlaba Technical High School, South Africa şu tarihte 3 Şubat 2020
Gönderinin içeriği: Grow it yourself!

With the good rains of late, there has not been a more fitting time to establish a bountiful permaculture garden for the start of the Global Search for Sustainable Schools program 2020. When we look at the world's food production, distribution and consumption systems, a disproportionate amount of water and energy is ploughed into a broken and often environmentally degrading practice. Our goal this year is to sow the first seed, equipping learners with the knowledge and skills to grow their own nutritionally rich, local food. Albert Einstein once said,“ Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better” Permaculture is a deeply rooted philosophy and practice that emulates nature’s genius to provide for our needs whilst at the same time leaving the earth in a better, more resilient state than we found it. This year, the Obed Mlaba eco-club together with Sefiso, the garden and Mrs Naicker the Headmistress furiously set to work planting short-season Brinjals, tomatoes and peppers whilst sowing our winter varieties like beans, carrots and kale for an all year round bountiful harvest.

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