Güney Afrika
Free rein to free range!!
Gönderen Animalia Learning Center, South Africa şu tarihte 3 Şubat 2020
Gönderinin içeriği: Grow it yourself!

In true free-range style, this week the children and their able elders set about establishing a monkey proof vegetable garden. Monkeys are an endearing characters in our outdoor classroom but they haven’t learnt the idea of ‘ Sharing is caring” a cote principal of permaculture. Using gum tree poles and mesh we established a lasagne garden, using the resources we had at hand like old cardboard to smother the weeds and establish a base. We then topped up our soil with very rich and well composted manure 15cm in depth. We are now ready to start the process of planting our seedlings and seeds for a whooper harvest. After learning about different permaculture technics of composting, liquid tea, companion planting, pest control and seasons we are now going to creatively design our own Autumn/Spring gardens on paper taking in consideration all elements of design. Huge shout out to @waterexplorersa and Julia for the informative, interactive and hands on workshop yesterday. Next step: design and plant our food garden (after caging it of course so our plenty free range animals can leave us some too...

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