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Hands-on experience of building a wetland model
Gönderen Khethindlelenhle Primary, South Africa şu tarihte 8 Şubat 2020
Gönderinin içeriği: Clean that water up!

Learners were very interested about the lesson that we have, since now they have a broad understanding of what a wetland can do, they now know that a wetland can purify water and also prevent erosion. They also learnt that there are approximately 100 000 species that live in wetlands and about 30% of carbon dioxide sequestrated in the wetlands,they also learnt about a wetland plant called the peatland which absorbs overflows from streams and lakes. The learners were taught to make a wetland model that can filter and purify water using the materials provided.

Envrironmental Educator (Mrs Buthelezi) wrote

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