Güney Afrika
Bumper Winter Harvest
Gönderen Mansfield Primary School, South Africa şu tarihte 10 Mart 2020

On the 25th March we received a visit from Julia. Finally, the rains have came and the beds were prepared for planting with heaps of cow manure and handfuls of mulch to save water and protect the soils. The learners were very excited to learn new skills about how to garden in a way that is helpful rather than harmful for the environment. After learning about basic principles like earth care, people care and fair share we then went on to apply these principals in the garden. Learners learnt about how they can copy nature to design beds using natural patterns and how like natural eco-systems, resilience and strength lies in diversity of species. With many different plants (poly culture) you can feast all year round without exhausting your soils and leaving your crop vulnerable to pests. We then went outside to practice what we had learnt in the classroom and plant our autumn seeds and seedling ready for a bumper winter harvest.

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