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Pulse Challenge: The essential of eating healthy while saving numerous amount of water
Gönderen MPHEHPHETHA PS, South Africa şu tarihte 17 Mart 2020
Gönderinin içeriği: The water we eat

The learners learnt about the direct and indirect use of water in their daily lives, and also the amount of water content in the food they eat most of the times. They learnt about numerous legumes family, that they do not use a lot of water to grow but they have the same or more nutritious content than meat, but they now know that meat use more litres of water compared to the legumes family which use a portion of water content. After playing the pulse game which they made them identify different legume family. Learners also learnt about the link between yearly rainfall intensity in different countries compared to water scarcity, and also that factors that contribute to those different factors. Since we live in a water scarce country we try  by all means to save every drop of water by not only closing leaking taps but by also be water-wise by eating healthy nutritious food.

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