Güney Afrika
Power Pulses
Gönderen Mansfield Primary School, South Africa şu tarihte 16 Kasım 2020

Today Grd 6s were amazing to learn about Power Pulses or Legumes and that there are something like 20 000 different edible types. Most learners only knew of Sugar beans and perhaps lentils and maybe butter beans. After a close up encounter, learners got to know about 14 types! They learned that pulses are packed with protein amoungst many other amazing phytochemicals and contain now bad fats and 0 cholestrol. So in a water scarce country where water is getting scarcer all the time, and a growing population, it makes sense for us to revisit this ancient food group as it sure can prepare us and provide us with  more sustainable food source that is better for our health, planet and our purses! 

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