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KwaNgubeni Last Harvest of The Year:Onions are Antifungal, Antimicrobial
Gönderen Kwa-Ngubeni Primary School, South Africa şu tarihte 11 Aralık 2020
Gönderinin içeriği: Grow it yourself!

KwaNgubeni Primary school had their last harvest of the year, by having freshly picked onions from the garden Onions, which are part of the allium family of vegetables onions are known to be full of organosulfur compounds. antimicrobial, antifungal, antivirus, sugar lowering, antithrombotic, anti-hypotension, and immune modulation effects. The harvest of onions will supplement the school nutritious programme where children will eat freshly picked, organically grown with no pesticides or insecticide being used. This is achieved by staying true to permaculture principles which were taught in school.

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