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Permaculture principles encourages nature to do it work
Gönderen Scottsville School, South Africa şu tarihte 16 Aralık 2020
Gönderinin içeriği: Grow it yourself!

With their recent project upscaling by establishing an indigenous water-wise garden in their school, Scottville primary revisited the principle of permaculture. Permaculture principle is working with nature by trying to mimic the way it does, since nature does not make inorganic fertilizers but always opt for what it has. The learners were eager and enthusiastic when they were taught about the differences between monoculture and polyculture, where they chose which method suits nature’s way. Learners were taught about companion planting, crop rotation, and making their compost from organic materials that can decompose, such as vegetable peelings, which will make their soil fertilizer and which encourage biodiversity and helps the ecosystem.

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