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Grow it Yourself
Bidaltzailea: Water Warriors, Ireland an 22 Urtarrila 2018
Honi lotutako mezua: Grow it yourself!,
The Water Warriors have been busy teaching students in our autistic unit about growing their own food and helping them plants seeds for the polytunnel. We first did worksheets on plants,gardening and growing your own food.We then got the students to feel the compost and plant their own seeds and label them. These are lettuce seeds that we will transfer to the school polytunnel when they are ready. 

We have learned that buying food that is locally grown from your farmer’s market or local grower is a great way to minimise your environmental impact, but growing your own food takes it to the next level!.Additionally, growing your own food diversifies your palate and exposes your diet to healthier foods – especially if you choose to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. We look forward to seeing the results of our efforts! 





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