Rappers for a Day
Gönderen Ghasri Gozo Laura Vicuna School, Malta şu tarihte 30 Nisan 2018
year 6 performing their rap

Year 6 students from our school, wrote a rap on how to save water.  Later they performed the rap infront of other students, who were all very happy to listen to this rap.  To view our students performing the rap, please click on the link below:

Saving Rainwater
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Gönderildi şu tarihte 23 Nisan 2018
International Cooperation to Save Water
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Gönderildi şu tarihte 18 Nisan 2018
Video Call with Water Explorers from Poland
Exposure on school magazine
Gönderildi şu tarihte 14 Nisan 2018
South Africa Water explorers seeking partners from countries experiencing Water stress
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Gönderen Johann Gatt şu tarihte 12 Nisan 2018
Northene Preparotory School newsreel picture
March School of the Month
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Gönderen Marvic Refalo şu tarihte 11 Nisan 2018
The Misty Team - Eco-Schools/LEAF committee
Young Reporters for the Environment - Precious water
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Gönderen Gozo College Middle School şu tarihte 9 Nisan 2018
L-Għajn il-Kbira from where the settlement got its name
Water Aerators
Gönderildi şu tarihte 2 Nisan 2018
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